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Executive Search
Executive Search is the process of working with our prestigious clients for a brief search as per their specific requirements. It sets the foundation for right approach by searching & screening the short listed candidates. Our overall approach is to provide quality services to each of our fortune 500 clients.

Our Service flow includes:-
Data Bank, Resume Search / Screening, Shortlisting, Interview, Marking, Selections, Offer/Appointment Letter etc

Recruitment / Staffing
GCMS recruitment process is based on our client’s specific requirements. Our strategy is based on the basic need of each project as well that of our client’s. GCMS “Work Station “process is plays an important role for providing complete requirement solution.

Our Service flow includes:-
Data Search, Short Listing, Interview Followups, Offer Letter/Joining etc.

Search Methodology

  • Our selection process is based on a structured and systematic approach, which is proactive, detailed and target oriented. This process begins with understanding the client’s needs and goes all the way to post recruitment follow-up with both client and candidate. The key principles of our search methodology focus on
  • Understanding the client organisation with regard to existing business activities, organisation structure, culture and future growth plans
  • Mapping position specific competencies including job title, deliverables, principal accountabilities and other relevant details
  • Developing a Sourcing Strategy that draws up a target list of appropriate industries and/or companies from which to recruit and utilising our network, along with our database to develop a list of most promising candidates within these companies. This is presented to the client as a comprehensive list of people we intend to approach.
  • Establishing Contact once we have determined a mutual interest in pursuing specific candidates. Candidates are contacted and apprised of the opportunity for eliciting their interest in the position.
  • Evaluating candidates with the aim of determining a profile match with the job, their career aspirations and suitability in the context and culture of client organisation. In addition to personal interviews, we selectively use psychometric assessment tools such as Thomas Profiling & SHL Testing.
  • Detailed Reference Checks on candidate(s) who have been selected for hire, before the offer is formally extended. If required, we could also help conduct a background check on these candidates, through appropriate agencies.
  • Negotiations for the final candidate’s compensation requirements and if required, assist in completing the hiring arrangements.
  • Post joining follow- ups with the client and candidate ensuring smooth transition

GCMS is backed by years of experience gained from working with leading companies worldwide. This gives us an edge over our competitors. Here is a representative list of some of our recent assignments:

  • Automobile
  • Telecom
  • Construction
  • Power Engg
  • Health Care
  • Fast moving consumer goods
  • Process Engg


Automation & Technology
'GCMS' consultants are supported with research, workflows based on well-defined processes, modern IT and Communications, infrastructure, and sophisticated automated systems for profiling and matching human expertise and job requirements. Such modern systems help us in delivering effective quality solutions to our Clients . For our recruitment automation we are using 'Skill Point Placement'

Skill Point Placement is our comprehensive placement automation software solution. Skill Point is the most comprehensive recruitment automation product available in India today with complete management of our processes from data preparation to final candidate placement billing and revenue generation payment collection.

Process Flow

Business Development Mgr

  • Brings Service Request(SR) from the Clients

Process Coordinator

  • Pre- Flights and prioritises the SR and passes into the recruiters
  • Passes CV’s to the Client


  • Database Search
  • Job Posting on Portals (if req.)
  • Collection of C.V’s
  • Telephonic Interviews
  • Passes CV to Sector Specialist for Further Filtration.

Sector Specialist

  • Further Filters CV’s and passes on to Recruiters with comments and feedback from Client

“I’d like to believe we are seen to be agile, flexible,
committed and innovative. What I promise is that we are
passionate about our clients’ businesses, proactive, energetic
and extremely empathetic.”



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